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About GMO antiques
The name of the GMO antiques (Genetically MOdified antiques) was created by analogy with GMO – Genetically Modified Organism. In the base of the GMO antiques lays the idea of the change in the creation. GMO antiques were designed as a combination of items from different age periods or different usage and the application of some new technologies on the items from the past. In most cases they don't work. They show an unreal technical improvement and development of these antiques, old tools, machines, etc. GMO antiques are fantastic models of the modern art. They were made for the beauty and the personal satisfaction of owning truly unique antiques.
In our gallery we are pleased to offer to your attention the GMO antiques created by Evgeni Mateev, Bulgaria. Here you can submerge into a world of real models and unreal ideas. Be part of this world and feel the satisfaction of owning a unique object or share this moment to your friend or loved one. Welcome